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The Situation in Canada before the War

In 1939, Canada was just coming out of a depression. During the depression, Canadians did not have much money. Things got a lot worse, though.


Barely twenty years after the First World War, the countries of the world started another war. In the First World War, over eight million people died and many more were injured. In the Second World War, over fifty million died because of the fighting. That is more than the population of Canada right now.


On 10 September 1939, nine days after Germany invaded Poland , Canada 's Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King declared war. It would not end until 1945 and over forty thousand Canadians had died.


Why did Canada declare war on Germany ?  


Canada declared war because Germany , under the leadership of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party, was attacking peaceful people of other nations.


Canada immediately began to enlarge its army and prepare for war. Thousands of young men across the country joined up. What would the Mennonites do? How would they react to this situation?

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