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The Canadian Corps, a group in favour of Canada being in the war, responded to Gerbrandt's letter.  (Read full article)


“Under ordinary circumstances we would ignore letters such as Gerbrandt's, but due to the present national crisis we consider it advisable that the public should be truthfully informed on such matters. We say quite pointedly to Gerbrandt, or anyone else who sides with him, that we cannot imagine it is possible to insult anyone who cannot take sufficient offence to go to the rescue or bear arms in defence of helpless women and children who are being attacked and destroyed by a ruthless enemy. If, however, the stating of the truth accomplishes the miraculous feat of insulting such persons, we are indeed pleased.”


Just like Gerbrandt, the writer for the Canadian Corps claims to be telling the truth.


“We now quote information from reliable and respected Canadians of Drake and district, which is in conflict with Gerbrandt's recent article, and we have no hesitation whatever in accepting their veracity.”


For example, the writer says that a “responsible approach was made to the Mennonites sponsoring the school” asking them to stop teaching in German. Gerbrandt denied this in his letter. Also, the writer says that there was only one Bible in the whole school.


The people that Gerbrandt calls a “mob,” the writer calls some “of the finest and most reputable citizens of the Drake district.” The Canadian Corps writer makes clear that he is opposed to all German influences.


“We state emphatically that we are not opposed to Germans by reason of where they are born, but we are strongly opposed to the likes of Gerbrandt being permitted to keep alive as a means of intercourse in this country, the language of the brutal Hun [an insulting term for Germans], while our sons and fellow-countrymen are giving their lives to prevent German domination.”


“There lie in France over 60,000 Canadians who gave their lives during the First Great War for this same cause.”


“We feel it is about time that Canadian-born children of non-Anglo-Saxon origin, were released from the yoke of German kultur which is being fostered by a few leaders for personal gain. We submit that the only way to remedy this pernicious situation is by the exclusive use of the English language and British customs.”


The writer ends by putting the blame for the incident on Gerbrandt.


“In conclusion we would state that Gerbrandt himself is the chief cause of any disruption in the harmony and neighborliness which may have arisen in the Drake district, as referred to by Gerbrandt.”


Something happened in Drake, Saskatchewan, but it is hard to know exactly what when the sources disagree.

Others were concerned about this incident in Drake and wrote to the newspaper with the title "Where was Justice?". (Read article).  The Canadian Corps responded. (Read Article 1) (Read article 2).

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