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Friends for Life

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It isn't just COs who have reunions. Sometimes their non-CO bosses come as well.


Ed Brooks was a fearsome figure for COs at Riding Mountain National Park. As camp boss, he ruled over the Clear Lake camp with an iron fist – or so COs thought. The message that he gave at the Camp 1 Reunion held at Clear Lake Covenant Church Camp on 5 September 1971 shows he wasn't as hostile as he appeared.


“It gives me a great deal of pleasure to be asked here today to say a few words of welcome, and to help celebrate our 30th anniversary."


“This is a much happier occasion than the dates that we are recalling. Every generation has its difficult times. The present one certainly has theirs, just as our generation 30 years ago was in the midst of a very dark period of our history. None of us really wanted to be a part of it, but since we don't always rule our own destiny, we became part of it, and we made the most of it."


“From these trying times, each generation seems to emerge a little better, a little wiser, and we trust strong because of what we had to go through. I hope that the present generation is as successful as I think we were."


“As an individual, and I don't want to sound selfish in making this statement, I can't help but think that I emerged a better person for having made so many new and good friends. I sincerely hope that you feel the same way. In my opinion, good friends are one of the richest commodities we have, and I know that I am a very fortunate man for having become friends of people like you.” [ASM, 12]


COs posing for a group photo. COs at Clear Lake. Young COs at the Montreal River camp.


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