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Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada

After the war ended, the Conference of Historic Peace Churches sent a letter to Prime Minister King thanking him for allowing them to be COs.


25 Sept 1945


Honourable Sir:


We, the undersigned, duly authorized representatives of the Conference of Historic Peace Churches in Canada, do hereby present a brief statement of our appreciation and gratitude to you and your Government for the kindly consideration you have shown to our participating groups, namely:


              Brethren in Christ (Tunker),


during the years of war from which we are presently emerging.


We have, as you are well aware, a traditional and Scriptural background which causes us to hold very strong convictions against taking part in war. The opportunity of service to our country as provided in Alternative Service was with few exceptions very acceptable to us and greatly appreciated.


We believe that your administration in preserving inviolate the right of conscience and the religious liberty of minority groups, exercised a Christian virtue which is the basis of all true democratic government.


We believe this will result in the blessing of the Eternal God resting on yourself and the people of Canada whom you have so efficiently led for an unprecedented length of time.


We hope and pray that our people may ever be mindful of this great kindness and that the Parliament of Canada may continue to extend such liberties in the future.


Respectfully submitted by E. J. Swalm, Chairman, Historic Peace Churches,

J.B. Martin, Chairman, Committee on Military Problems,

Elven Shantz, Secretary, Committee on Military Problems. [Toews, 39]

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